Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega….


Mon, Jul 19, 2010

Off Campus, Random

Its great to have so may brothers…..about 80 to be exact. No my mom isn’t some undocumented octomondo-mom but rather I’m apart of a co-ed community service Fraternity on campus called Alpha Phi Omega. Some of my best friends here on campus and some of the best skills I’ve learned in my last two years have been through my Fraternity. Our cardinal principles are Leadership, Friendship & Service. We bond, build life skills and have a great time through our many community service endeavors.
Now you might be wondering why this seemingly random shameless plug of my Fraternity, well it’s because I’ve been spending so much time with them this summer. Whether its dinner or a movie or just hanging out it’s been a blast and I just felt the need to tell the world of our FABULOUSNESS!! Its pretty cool because when summer comes and your not seeing all your peers whom you’ve come accustomed being around 7 out of 12 months of the year, its kinda strange and you miss everybody. Anyways we endeavor to get together ever so often from small groups to large groups. For example, tonight a group of us are meeting at Fire & Ice in Cambridge, MA which is an improvisational grill, tons of fun and laughs.
Now don’t get me wrong they haven’t replaced by biological family, whom I still love to pieces, but they have become a good part of my WPI family. So…
“Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega, loyal bothers we,
True to self and to each other, firm in loyalty. ”

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I'm an Actuarial Math & Management Engineering Major from Kingston, Jamaica. Class 2012 On campus I play Women's Rugby, am a Brother in Alpha Phi Omega a community service fraternity, and am apart of the National Society of Black Engineers.

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