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Tue, Nov 27, 2012


I get a lot of e-mail….maybe not a great surprise to many people out there.  I get e-mail from colleagues, community members, prospective students, parents, people trying to sell me things, and of course junk.  Thankfully most of the junk gets blocked.  I think I am pretty good about keeping up with e-mail, but it’s easy to get behind…especially if you are away from the office for a few days.  It’s rare that I delete anything without at least a quick glance.

Rewind to last week…right before Thanksgiving…things are quieting down a bit.  I get an e-mail from one of our International Student Advisors about a new digital magazine.  From the subject line it doesn’t sound very exciting…but I am also not sure exactly what it is all about.  I decide to take a peek and I am glad a did.  As promised I found a wealth of “articles, photography and poetry from Asia, Africa, Central and South America” by students faculty and staff. 

In the meantime if you are thinking about WPI and about our global opportunities you should definitely check it out.

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