Make it official

Congratulations on your admission to WPI! The next step is to reserve your place. To confirm your inclusion in the Class of 2018, please confirm your enrollment and submit your $500 deposit by May 1, 2014 online or by mail. As a first year student, you are guaranteed on-campus housing; however, housing preferences are prioritized by the date enrollment deposits are received.

  • Reply Online: Complete the online enrollment form, confirming your decision to enroll. Submit the form to pay your $500 enrollment deposit by credit card.
  • Reply by Mail: Mail your completed enrollment form (.pdf file) and $500 deposit.

Please do not complete the online enrollment form if you plan to submit your enrollment deposit by mail.

In early April, you will be invited to visit our Welcome to WPI site to prepare for your life as a student at WPI. After confirming your enrollment, but before arriving on campus, you’ll be required to complete health forms, submit your housing preferences, and begin the course selection process. Shortly after enrolling, you’ll receive additional information in the mail about the next steps. No rush—this information is not due until early summer. Please do not complete and submit the additional forms until after confirming your enrollment.

Upon submission of your enrollment, housing on campus is guaranteed for your first year at WPI. Because housing is guaranteed, submitting the housing form and information is not time sensitive or urgent—the form is due June 1, 2014. If you are ready to do so, you may submit the housing information nowPlease do not submit the housing form until after confirming your enrollment.