First Year Experience

Success from day one

The WPI first year experience engages, motivates, and supports students from their first day on campus through the WPI Insight Program and Great Problems Seminar.

To help alleviate the transition from high school to college, WPI developed Insight, a first year advising and mentoring program that provides first year students with a strong support network of faculty, staff, and students. All first year students are grouped together by floors in their residence hall or by their designations as commuter or transfer students. Each group is assigned to an Insight team, which includes a faculty advisor, resident advisor, and an upperclass student leader, called a community advisor. The members of your Insight team are there to guide you every step of the way as you adapt to college life.

The Great Problems Seminar is an invigorating immersion into university-level research and WPI’s project-enriched curriculum. You’ll work in small teams of first year students and faculty to solve problems of global importance. Whether you want to heal, power, educate, or feed the world, you will find a project that inspires you to learn more.

Learn more at our First Year Experience web site. Keep in mind that until late spring, this site is servicing the current freshman class. Check back often for updates for the Class of 2020.