Our WPI Diaspora


Wed, Jan 23, 2013

Dean's Message

I would like to welcome you to celebrate with us the start of a new and exciting year at WPI. In thinking about the New Year and reflecting on times past, I was struck by how connected the world has become and how WPI, and science broadly, has been impacted by these rapid changes. In our global economy, knowledge and innovative ideas can emerge from any region of the world; travel in a flash across the planet to the most distal sites where interpretation, application, and contextualization occur.

Our world has become flat as geographical, political, and communication barriers have been removed by technological revolutions BUT it doesn’t mean we look at information the same way when it comes to problem solving, experimentation, and interpretation of meaning. We have different experiences, different cultures with our sciences and different histories from which we build our understanding. In fact, we view information differently and, if not shared, we may miss some of the most salient ideas that could emerge from a more diverse international perspective.

In reflecting, I began to ask the following questions about the future of information sharing, knowledge discovery, and innovation: How do we maximize what each of us has to offer to strengthen the impact of successful local and national programs to the benefit of our global society? How do we find the niche areas where we can contribute most effectively? How do we develop the new skills in leadership and communication that are needed in this increasingly global marketplace?

WPI, through our faculty, students, alumni and staff, can be a catalytic force providing solutions and leadership in the development of global partnerships for the sharing of technology and innovation. WPI is poised for this role with its rich history of removing barriers and creating networks between industry, government, and education establishing truly successful partnerships around the world. We have long recognized that by the addition of international perspectives, we not only speed the transformation of knowledge to application but also advance discovery, innovation and education beyond the frontiers. Through these global partnerships, we can leverage what is known on a local scale to the interpretation and modification of the international community and by doing so strengthen the original ideas. With our project based programs and terrific international alumni networks, WPI makes a difference.

Our WPI diaspora around the globe is both strong and committed. Join us in making things happen.

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