A Fantastic Opportunity to Study Abroad in Israel


Mon, Dec 2, 2013

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A Fantastic Opportunity to Study Abroad in Israel

Bus 522 – Israel Course has gained great popularity among all graduate students in School of Business.  It is now open to seniors, all majors.

Students have a speaker each week, who will be drawn from Israeli companies operating in the United States including The Mass Challenge (business incubator that runs a competition for startups); NE Israel Business Council; our governor’s office (which has sent a trade delegation more than once to Israel); U.S. Industry Specialists in Startups (Information Technology, Clean Technology / Sustainable Development and Biotechnology).

Students will visit an incubator and talk to entrepreneurs who are using its resources.  They will learn what financial requirements there are for startups to receive funding from venture capitalists and angel investors and how to prepare relevant financial reports.  They will study the history and culture of Israel as it relates to entrepreneurship.

Students will experience Israel’s culture, live among its people and have discussions about the influences that have changed their lives – the military, the absence of fear in debating ideas, the acceptance of failure as a growth stimulator, the influence of a multi-national/multi-cultural society, and many other topics.

“This was the kind of experience I came to WPI for”, said by Robert Hatcher, who took this course last semester, “Israel’s history, tiny size, and geography make for a uniquely successful business culture focused on global scale, bias for action, high tolerance for failure and low tolerance for excuses. In this course students come to understand this mindset through meaningful and direct access to leaders building real ventures grounded in these values. Students also gain a key international perspective by examining the cultural and political landscape of Israel and the region. This course was an important experience for me and I apply what I learned every day in both my personal and professional lives.”

PS:  Here is a short video from Robert Hatcher





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One Response to “A Fantastic Opportunity to Study Abroad in Israel”

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    Steve Berselli Says:


    Bob Hatcher could not have remarked on our experience above better… in fact, the Israel Entrepreneurship Course and Trip was exactly the kind of experience I too chose WPI for in Fall 2008 when I wrote to WPI Admissions seeking “a unique lens through which to view the world.”

    4 years later, in Fall 2012, I found myself struck by the opening question of WPI University Lecturer, EMC^2 Corporation Sales VP and Global CTO Patricia G.S. Florissi, Ph.D. “What’s not there?” Having just heard of the Israel opportunity, I had an instant epiphany that it would serve as a seminal experience and change my life!

    For what was once “not there” I found in the Israel opportunity. It is by far the most amazing experience of my life to date. From heated yet passionate course discussions that challenged our fundamental thinking to literally floating in the Dead Sea to personally cutting the shawarma meat off of a restaurant roaster, Israel and its beautiful people gave me more than “a unique lens through which to view the world,” it gave me a renewed sense of hope for its future.

    Success demands more than hope alone. You have to make your future happen. My advice? Start here and never stop.


    Steve Berselli
    WPI MIS ’13