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Just wanted to provide a quick update on the status of where we are with the challenge, releasing documents, etc.

At this time, we are awaiting final review, modification, and approval for the team agreement by legal counsel. This is an important document because it protects everyone’s rights, particularly yours, as we move forward with the competition. Additionally, we need to keep in line with the way the Centennial Challenges programs work in general. You will see some changes from the draft that was posted, but luckily they should have no effect on the vast majority of you.

The rules are pretty well finalized, we are just awaiting the team agreement completion before they are posted along with the opening of registration. In the meantime, we are developing drawings for items like the pre-cached sample and the starting platform. These drawings will be made available to all competing teams as soon as we have them, along with photos of these items for your reference.

We know you are eager to get the final documents and get moving, but we need to take the time to ensure fair opportunity and thorough consideration to make this a great Centennial Challenge. We appreciate your patience!


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  1. Terra Engineering says:

    Thanks Colleen. At some point, we still need the model number of the snow fencing. Not that important now.

    • colleen says:

      Included in the FAQ will be a link to the boundary materials as well as any known samples that can be purchased online or from brick & mortar stores. For other known samples that will be fabricated, or items like starting platforms, we will provide drawings for you to recreate the items if you wish. When possible, we will also do our best to provide a photo of the actual item(s) for reference of those who cannot create the item or want to verify that they have done so correctly.

  2. SpaceMiners says:

    just a hello from the spaceminers. we are thinking about signing up for this challenge! we will be recuiting team members soon hopefully.

  3. Davis says:

    Something that would be nice is for some forums for the competition cause everything is sort of just scrambled about the different posts and it could provide an easier way for people to join in on a team.

    • colleen says:

      The site will have forums for teams to post questions, receive responses, and communicate with other teams. This will go live soon.

  4. DC says:

    As a newcomer to this site, I am extremely disappointed no documents are available for download – no draft rules, team agreement, etc. By posting draft copies and then removing them, you have given an unfair advantage to any participant who frequented your site prior to July. Even though the rules and the team agreement are draft copies and subject to change, much needed information can be gleaned from those documents – information which is unavailable for any ‘late’ interested parties…..

    • Noah Zemke says:

      I would suggest to read through all of the posts as there are links to several websites which cover many of the challenge rules that were in the draft release. From my own searches I found other websites which cover many of the draft rules as well. Also as posted above the rules and agreement documentation are almost completed and should be posted soon.

  5. DC says:

    I don’t mean to nit-pick the subject, but having to read all of the posts to find links to websites which cover “many” of the rules is not the same as having a complete draft copy of the challenge rules….

    I also understand the importance of releasing complete and accurate rules – I’ve experienced the issues created with vague and inaccurate challenge rules in the past. However, the bottom line is, any visitor prior to the removal of the draft rules has more information about the challenge than any of the ‘later’ site visitors.

  6. SpaceMiners says:

    i have participated in a few centennial challenges [space elevator ’05-’06]. no team was fully ready to go when they showed up. everyone was still ordering parts overnight and tweaking the robots. it’s very difficult to generate a fair amount of sponsors AND build, test robot and compete in contest all within a 6-8 month period, especially when the contest is held in the spring. most companies give out all the donation money at the beginning of the year, not near the end. i feel the best time to have these type of events is summer [for indoor events] and during the fall [for outside events]. this will give teams enough time to work up a good plan, find sponsors, order parts, assemble-n-test, and make it to the competition with a completed robot and a proud, confident team.

  7. Noah Zemke says:

    My understanding was that we had one year from the release of the final rules? Am I mistaken in this observation?

    • colleen says:

      The Challenge is currently scheduled to take place mid-June of 2012. We are doing last minute, finalizing items to ensure proper time for the challenge (in case of weather delays, etc) and then we will be able to announce the date.

      Our goal was always to provide close to a year for teams to work. However, we have been delayed by issues brought up in other Centennial Challenges that needed to be addressed in our team agreement. Legal counsel is still working on the additions and the final rules can be published once that is complete.

      • Michael says:

        Sounds good. I appreciate WPI taking the time to collect feedback and get things done right the first time. I look forward to seeing the final rules and team agreement.

  8. Pablo says:

    Can the rules of the challenge be released? It is easy to understand the wait for the team agreement, but it would be great to get the rules soon so ideas and design can start (lots of challenges and only less than a year to work on them)

  9. Ryan says:

    Many teams have had over a month to consider the challenge whereas other teams don’t even have the slightest idea of what the contest entails.

    Removing the draft rules from the web page was ridiculous.

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