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Now that the notice has been published in the Federal Register, we are able to post the Challenge Rules as well as open team registration! Here are the links and what you need to know:

  • Sample Return Challenge Rules V1.1 – They are printed on the webpage, but it is preferred if you download the PDF and view them in that format. We will work on improving the formatting online.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – This is where all questions and answers will be posted. We’ve initially populated it with questions from the initial rules review period. Team Leaders ONLY may submit new questions via the discussion forum or email, however all questions and answers will be publicly posted on this page.
  • Critical Deadlines – Here (and in the PDF version of the rules) you will find important deadlines for team deliverables.
  • Team Agreement – This is a sample of the agreement that each team and WPI must agree to prior to their registration and acceptance into the competition being finalized. Please review this document carefully before beginning the team registration process to ensure that you are eligible, capable, and willing to meet all the terms of the competition.
  • Team Registration – Use this form to begin the team registration process. Here, the Team Leader should fill out their information. Once submitted, you will be contacted with your copy of the team agreement and any additional information you may need to complete the registration process. You will also be provided a link for payment via credit card or information on check payment processes.
  • Discussion Forum – Once your registration is complete, your team leader will be provided a log in for the discussion forum. Here you may post questions and receive official feedback regarding the challenge and challenge rules. With the exception of any currently outstanding questions from draft rules review period, only questions submitted by registered teams will be answered. Teams may post in the discussion forum to receive an answer, or send their question via email and it will be posted in the discussion forum and answered. We will be adding more forums and Team Leaders can request the addition of other topic areas if desired.

Please let us know if you have any issues accessing the information posted so it may be fixed promptly.

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  1. Danh Trinh says:

    Anyone from prior Centennial Challenges know how much the $1 million dollar liability insurance costs? What company did you’ll get it from?


  2. colleen says:

    While this clause has been stated in all other team agreements, I don’t know how well it’s been enforced. However, it has been made clear that we will have to require all teams to have this.

    We will look into possible options that might allow competitors pay a smaller fee to be listed as part of a larger policy. Apparently, something similar was done with one of the X-Prize competitions. I do not know if this will be possible. Some X-Prize competitors may have more experience getting this required insurance than Centennial Challenge competitors would.

    I will say that if you end up with a corporate sponsor, it is something to ask them if they would be willing to provide for you. I know it is something we do here when we, for example, borrow large quantities of equipment from other companies when running a tournament to ensure that company is insured for their items.

  3. Danh Trinh says:

    A quick Google search brings up “Event Liability Insurance” with $1 million coverage as an option. I really like the idea of WPI providing the coverage for the event with teams paying a fee to help cover the policy costs. My gut feeling says it would be very difficult to explain to and get coverage from an insurance company for an experimental planetary rover. If this insurance is in the many thousand of dollars then the $3k entry fee could pale in comparison. What do others think?

    • Chris Williamson says:

      I’m kind of curious on this matter as well. It may be worth looking into both ways, and if one competitor comes up with a company that will do the policy, they can share with the rest of the teams, and possibly end up with a group policy?

      • Chris Williamson says:

        I just google’d and came across this page as the first link: so I filled out the quick registration process to see about getting a ‘quick quote’ and for the $1mil/$2mil policy for the event over two days would be ‘quoted’ around $220. I’m sure talking to them directly we could see how many people this would cover, and if the event could get insurance or if each individual ‘team’ would need the insurance.

  4. Rud Merriam says:

    When is the challenge going to be run? One link leading to this page implies June 2012 but nowhere in the rules is the actual date specified. Also, the “90 days prior” deadline implies 6 months after early registration closes but again it is not clear. Even if it is June then is it June 2 or June 30?

  5. Paul Jurczak says:

    Can someone clarify rule R16? Does it mean that open air cooling system (cool air from the environment is sucked into the system and hot air is expelled) is allowed for the PC?

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