International Team Information

We receive many questions each year about non US-based teams participating in this challenge. Below are the answers to the most common questions.

Can non-US teams participate in this Challenge?
Yes. The team will be considered “Official Competitor – Demonstration Status”.

What does “Demonstration Status” mean?
“Demonstration Status” teams are ineligible to receive prize money associated with this challenge, specifically the $1.49M in remaining funds from the NASA Prize purse.

Are “Demonstration Status” teams required to pay the registration fee?
Yes. The registration fee does not go towards the prize purse and therefore is required for all teams who wish to participate in the challenge.

If only one individual member of our team is not a US Citizen, are we still eligible for prize money?

Is there any situation where non-US Citizens can participate on a team and the team still be eligible for prize money?
Their is only one situation in which this is allowed. If a US-based college or university registers as an “Entity Participant”, less than 50% of their team may consist of non-US citizens who are full-time students at that university, with valid student visas. Please review the team agreement for the specific wording and details on what is allowed.

Are “Demonstration Status” teams eligible to win awards?
Yes. “Demonstration Status” teams may win awards, including the Technology Achievement Awards which come with small, monetary prizes funded by outside corporations or agencies.