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We have completed the review of the initial proposals submitted by all teams. We appreciated the thoroughness of many of the proposals and the variety of designs put forth. Each team will be receiving an individualized response to their proposal which will confirm one or more of the following: there are currently no major issues with your design, there are areas of concerns, or there are specific components that must be changed or addressed.

However, in the review, we identified a few areas into which we wanted to offer general insight:

  • It is highly suggested, but not required, that you have a separate pause/unpause switch or a latching pause switch to aid the person controlling it in knowing what condition your robot is supposed to be in. This would eliminate opportunities for accidental activation of the pause without knowing or for questions of how quickly the robot reacted to the pause.
  • The E-Stop is designed to be a safety feature of your robot. A graceful shutdown of robot components is neither required or allowed. When the E-Stop is activated, all power from the batteries must immediately be cut off to all components of the robot. The only exception to this rule is lifetime batteries (for example, a small bios battery in a computer which is intended to stay on for the lifetime of the computer). If you have any questions about what complies with this rule, contact immediately.
  • We will be continuing the process of ensuring that all robots only have receiving and transmitting abilities between authorized components. This is both to ensure compliance with the rules and fairness of the competition (to prevent inadvertent or intentional interfering with robots). As we continue to develop our process for this, we may ask certain teams to provide additional details on their robot communication protocol.


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