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We have completed the review of the initial proposals submitted by all teams. We appreciated the thoroughness of many of the proposals and the variety of designs put forth. Each team will be receiving an individualized response to their proposal which will confirm one or more of the following: there are currently no major issues with your design, there are areas of concerns, or there are specific components that must be changed or addressed.

However, in the review, we identified a few areas into which we wanted to offer general insight:

  • For teams utilizing spawn/swarn systems
    • Each spawn must have an E-stop and safety light (R20).
    • Each spawn must have its own pause switch. If you have 4 spawn, you need 4 pause switches (R20).
    • There must be a single, main power switch which turns on all components (R18, bullet one).
    • There is only one payload required per robot (not per spawn).
  • In all cases, it is the responsibility of the team to ensure compliance with all rules. Considering there are a large number of teams choosing to use IMUs, the judges will be vigilant in ensuring compliance with rule 1.3. In the case of a team who has an IMU, the team must deselect the magnetic source in hardware. If the sensor does not allow hardware deselection, the team must be able to demonstrate it is not being used in software. The judge committee reserves the right to place an additional small, field-neutralizing magnet (less than 2.5cm square) on the robot or each spawn.
  • There will be no test runs on the actual course prior to the competition. The venue will provide a test area with similar terrain and surfaces, but no practice will be allowed on the actual course
  • Only the location of the pre-cached sample will be known by teams in advance of the event. All other samples will be spread throughout the course and on various types of terrain (grass, dirt, slopes, etc).

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  1. RShiely says:

    Is there potential for this competition to be held in 2014? If so, what would be the best way to be certain / to be notified?


    • colleen says:


      The continuation of this challenge in 2014 is dependent on two things:
      1. Awarding of funds during the 2013 Challenge
      2. Approval of NASA to continue the Challenge

      The best way to learn about the status of the Challenge for 2014 is to watch this year’s challenge (in person or online) to see if there are any winners. As well, you can keep an eye on this site or the NASA Centennial Challenges page for any news releases about future iterations of the challenge.


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