30-day required information

The Critical Deadlines page has been updated to includes details of what is required at the “30-day” mark. All items listed are due by 8-May
Understand that the video and proposal information requested is to serve two main purposes:
– To review your compliance with rule and safety regulations
– To have a better understanding of your robot operation to ensure we have, for example, the volunteers necessary to fairly execute your challenge run

We will not be reviewing your ability to achieve the challenge or the validity of your challenge strategy unless it relates to rule compliance or safety.

We have posted a form asking information on those team members and guests who will be in attendance with you at the event, for which days, etc. We ask this because we will be working with the University to get the teams access to spaces and resources necessary (like WiFi) and we are working with sponsors to provide meals to teams during hours which the pits are open. We also want to be able to properly serve all team members and their guests at the Team Recognition Dinner on Saturday night.

Please note that this year, unlike last year, in order to be allowed in the restricted pit area people must be OFFICIAL team members (i.e. having a signed team agreement). Guests will not be allowed in your pit area or to assist you in any part of your robot or it’s transportation. Guests will be allowed in spectator areas only.


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  1. Danh Trinh says:

    Hi Colleen,

    Can you post an agenda for the competition days? I will be flying to Boston and driving to WPI to see the event. Would like to know when the field events start and when we can see the robots up close with the builders.


  2. SpacePRIDE says:

    Hey Danh, a list of details for the event is under the critical deadlines, check it out here: http://wp.wpi.edu/challenge/2012-13-challenge-documents-information/critical-deadlines/

    Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Danh Trinh says:

    Thanks for the link SpacePRIDE. 7:00 AM start time is pretty early. Watch out for morning dew on the cameras …..

    Good luck!

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