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Hi Everyone-

We are working to get photos and videos posted from the event. In the case of videos especially, these may take longer to clip and edit. In the meantime, we’ve posted pictures courtesy of WPI from the Team Recognition and Appreciation Dinner. We will upload videos as they become available. Feel free to use the photos with sponsors, on your websites, etc.

See the photos and videos here!

We’d love for you to share photos or videos you took as well. You can upload them to our public gallery for everyone to see, enjoy, and share!

Don’t forget, NASA HQ and others also posted and shared great pics and videos from the event! But, remember, you should always check permissions and give credit before using these photos for personal or team purposes.

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  1. Rud Merriam says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos.

    My album of photos about the other teams is here:

    Still working on the photos specific to Team Mystic Lake.


  2. Paul Jurczak says:

    I looked at pictures from the event and didn’t notice 10cm x 25cm Required Payload on any of the robots. Some of them were too small to carry it. Was this requirement dropped?

    • Rud Merriam says:

      The requirement was not dropped. I was an entrant and my rovers were the smallest and lightest.

      One point to remember is that there is one payload for the ‘robot’, not each rover. I had a part of my robot that remained on the platform while the rovers left and searched. That is where I requested the Judge’s place the payload.

      I did have a spot where I would have put the payload on my rovers but it would have been a major handicap for them.

      • Paul Jurczak says:

        Thank you for replying. Was that strategy (payload on the platform) used by other contestants too? I didn’t notice anything resembling 25cm x 10cm payload on any of the larger robots either.

        • colleen says:


          As Rud and Jim stated, there were no payloads placed on robots during this year’s attempt although all robots were checked to ensure space was available.

          In general, the purpose of the payload is to aid the judges in ensuring the rules are met. Based on the information provided and demonstrated by teams and the technologies they were using, the judges did not feel the payloads were necessary to place on-board during this attempt. This may not be true in future challenges.

          Per the rules, the payload had to be placed on a portion of the robot. In the case of Mystic Lake, part of their robot stayed on the platform during the entire run (and therefore was included in the weight and size of his robot) and therefore it would have been legal to have the payload placed on that portion of the robot.


  3. Jim Rothrock says:

    The payload was not placed on the robots during Level 1. The inspectors only required a location for one on my robot. Perhaps the payload would have been used on Level 2, had one been held this year.

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