Welcome to the 2014 Challenge!

WPI and NASA are pleased to announce the 2014 Sample Return Robot Challenge will be back again in June of 2014!

Registration is now open and the updated rules and documents are available from the menu on the right (under Current Challenge). Regular registration is open until 7-Jan-2014.

We will continue to post updated information on this webpage as it is available! We look forward to your team joining us for another amazing challenge!

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  1. Ranjit Kumar says:

    this competition is only for American citizens. or any nationalities can participate. one more thing is that, it is only for students or for all.

  2. ahmed sherif says:

    Does international teams (not american teams ) eligible to join ?

  3. colleen says:

    Hi Ranjit and Ahmed-

    The competition is open to any team wishing to compete. It is not reserved just for students.

    However, the prize money is not available to international teams. You can see a sample of the team agreement on the right hand menu which explains in details what teams would be eligible to win prize money.


    • ahmed sherif says:

      Will be a certificate or award ?

      • colleen says:

        Yes. International teams are eligible to win trophies, receive participation award, as well as win the “Technology Achievement Award” described in the rules and team agreement.

        They are ineligible for the $1.495M in prize money provided by NASA.

    • Nina says:

      Ranjit and Ahmed, I am really interested on doing this as well. Do you want to form a team?

  4. ahmed sherif says:

    What is deadline for registration ?

    • colleen says:

      The deadline is 7-JAN-2014. I’ll be posting the updated Team Agreement soon (which is the same as the one currently posted except for the new dates)

  5. ahmed sherif says:

    What are the fees for international teams ?

  6. Paul Jurczak says:

    Can you add to FAQ a list of insurance companies, which can provide a policy compliant with the Team Agreement? Even better, how about providing a uniform group policy, where contestants would just pay a premium to participate.

    I asked my insurance broker and after some legwork, he concluded that it will be very hard to obtain a policy like that.

    • colleen says:

      We provide that info to registered teams as it gets close to the event. In the past two years, several teams have had success with an event insurance company for under $300 for the policy. Others have been able to secure policies through other means.

      It is generally the responsibility of the teams to secure and provide documentation of adequate insurance, but we share information from other teams about tips, advice, or options if they allow us to.

    • Rud Merriam says:

      Do a web search for “exhibitor insurance”. The competition is analogous to have a booth at a convention.

      Team Mystic

  7. Tony Vaughn says:

    How complete must the design description be at the time of registration, and are modifications to the design allowed between registration and June?

    • colleen says:

      The initial proposal must include the details outlined on the Critical Deadlines. We obviously understand that mechanical or program design may not be complete at this time, so we ask teams provide as much detail as they can about what is actually developed or what methodology is planned for items yet to be developed.

      The goal of this proposal, among other things, is to help us begin verifying the legality of a team’s entry, and provide feedback on problems as early in the process as is reasonable.

      Designs can change at any time after this. If the team has any question or concern about the legality of their design changes, they may submit a new proposal at any time for review. Proposals, their content, and any questions asked in them, are always kept private and confidential between the Technical Review Committee and the team.

      A final proposal will be due approximately 30 days prior to the event.

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