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We have completed the review of the initial proposals submitted by all teams. We appreciated the thoroughness of many of the proposals and the variety of designs put forth. Each team will be receiving an individualized response to their proposal which will confirm one or more of the following: there are currently no major issues with your design, there are areas of concerns, or there are specific components that must be changed or addressed.

However, in the review, we identified a few areas into which we wanted to offer general insight:

  • In all cases, it is the responsibility of the team to ensure compliance with all rules.
  • Considering there are a large number of teams choosing to use IMUs, the judges will be vigilant in ensuring compliance with rule 1.3. In the case of a team who has an IMU, the team must deselect the magnetic source in hardware. If the sensor does not allow hardware deselection, the team must be able to demonstrate it is not being used in software. The judge committee reserves the right to place an additional small, field-neutralizing magnet (less than 2.5cm square) on the robot or each spawn.
  • Robot Power, Start-up, and Shutdown
    • Many teams utilize laptops and other devices that they may be interested in powering on separate batteries from their main source. Remember, per rule R18 – Bullet 1, all power to the entire robot must turn on through the activation of the master power switch. As it says, the “event official will trigger only this switch on the robot at the start of the run.”
    • In a similar vein, the E-Stop must be a hardware-based and not controlled through software. Activation of the Mechanical E-Stop must shut down ALL robot power (see R18 – Bullet 2). When considering your shutdown procedure, also take note of Rule C47. This explains how an alternate shutdown procedure can be implemented in end-of-run situations. In general, the mechanical e-stop is a SAFETY feature of the robot, and therefore needs to function accordingly.
    • Activating the Pause switch must stop all robot motion within one second. Some exceptions may be granted in certain cases where continued motion would not put any field personnel at risk (for example, a spinning fan inside the robot). Requests must be made in writing and at any time between now and the event. These requests may be made to per the details in Rule R18 – Bullet 3.
  • Teams may choose to leave items on the starting platform (considered part of the robot in functionality, size, weight, etc) or utilize the additional allotment of the home beacon which follow different rules. Please review these details clearly and if you have any other questions, send them to
  • There will be no test runs on the actual course prior to the competition. The venue will provide a test area with similar terrain and surfaces, but no practice will be allowed on the actual course
  • Only the location of the pre-cached sample will be known by teams in advance of the event. All other samples will be spread throughout the course and on various types of terrain (grass, dirt, slopes, etc).

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