Welcome to the 2015 Challenge!

We are excited to announce the continuation of the NASA Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge in June of 2015. A new set of rules and team agreement have been posted. Registration is officially open via the form on the right menu.

In all cases, be sure you are using the current set of rules for the 2015 challenge. Major changes over previous iterations of the competition include:

  • At the start of each Level 1 and Level 2 run, teams will boot their robot into pause mode. Judges/officials will start the run by unpausing the robot.
  • In Level 2, teams will be allowed to utilize “Communication Update Periods” during which they may provide updated information to their robot. The Level 2 official clock will continue to run during this time.
  • Allowance of sustained vertical flight via tethered apparatus

We look forward to seeing many returning teams as well as many new competitors for the 2015 event! Please contact challenge@wpi.edu with any questions on the rules or registration!

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