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We have finished the proposal review for the 2015 Challenge.  Based on reading your documents, we have this general feedback to provide to all teams.  Individual feedback will be emailed to teams.

  • Please be sure to review the new robot start-up procedures.  They are very different from past years and not all elements (like a master power switch) are required.
  • Activation of a Pause Switch must disable the movement of all robot parts.  Teams who wish to have items remain moving during a pause (for example a spinning LIDAR) must request a pause exemption.  Details are in the rules.
  • E-Stops must be HARDWARE based, not software, for all elements.  Please understand that an E-Stop button will ONLY be activated in the case of an emergency and therefore needs to immediately cut power to the entire robot for the safety of those around it.  For example, if your robot starts on fire or is bounding into a group of spectators and not responding to a pause, the follower will hit the E-Stop (this in the rules is called an UNSAFE E-Stop) and all power must be cut without commands being sent on how things shut-down.  In the event that your run is over, a SAFE E-Stop will be called, which means you will have the opportunity to go to your robot and gracefully shutdown all systems.  There are absolutely NO E-Stop exemptions.
  • If you are utilizing Wi-Fi to communication between robot elements, the judges will provide the encryption to ensure no outside access.  This will be done in the pit area, prior to impound, so the team will have the opportunity to test the robot with the encryption and ensure it is functioning properly.
  • Take the time to understand the difference between the Home Beacon detailed in the rules, and anything that is part of your robot that you might leave on the starting platform.  Note that powered Home Beacons require an E-Stop.

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