Weight Watchers Update

March 18, 2011


The weekly Weight Watchers meeting was held Wednesday, March 16, in the Campus Center. Participants weighed in, and I’m happy to announce that the total weight loss was 9.8 pounds this past week, and a total of 40.6 pounds lost over five weeks!

There are 18 WPI community members (a new member joined this week) and several Lifetimers who take part in the university’s Weight Watchers at Work program. Meetings are valuable in the success of the program; each week we have a discussion about a subject of interest or concern. This week’s discussion was about deprivation. We learned that on a typical “diet,” people will deprive themselves of the foods they love the most, whether it’s snack food or their favorite meal. 

On Weight Watchers, however, we don’t have to deprive ourselves of those things. We learn to factor that food into our daily Points. With that said, planning is important. For example, if I want to have a cheeseburger for dinner, I figure out how many Points that cheeseburger will be worth and plan for it. We have a total of 49 Points per week to use for whatever food we wish. The most important thing we learn is that Weight Watchers is not a diet. 

Diets = Deprivation

It’s never too late to join WPI’s Weight Watchers at Work program.

For more information, contact Bernice Lisk in the WPI Division of Student Affairs at blisk@wpi.edu or ext. 6006.

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