Weight Watchers at Work Update

May 10, 2011


WPI’s Weight Watchers at Work group has lost a total of 107 pounds, as of May 4 (Week 10 of the current session). This is truly a remarkable achievement! We have one more week to go in this session, after which we plan to start a new one for the summer.

We were excited to see one of our members reach “lifetime membership”* status on May 4, so in our meeting we talked quite a bit about the challenges of maintaining one’s goal weight. Our leader, Elaine, who has kept 85 pounds off for the past 30 years, pointed out that keeping the weight off is much harder than losing it ever was. Those of us at last week’s meeting who are lifetime members all felt that attending the meetings as often as possible helps to keep us on track and on plan. We are inspired and motivated by the meetings, so attendance is essential to our success as well as being a lot of fun!

The official topic for last week’s meeting was “Know before You Go,” and it pertained to strategies for eating out and still staying on plan. Many different strategies were discussed for eating out, and included the following great tips: 

  • Plan ahead if you know you’re dining out! Check the restaurant’s website and figure out ahead of time what the “healthy options” are on their menu.  
  • Keep your other meals that day relatively low in points so you can save most of your daily points for the meal out. 
  • Don’t go out HUNGRY – you’re more likely to overeat if you do! Have a piece of fruit or a light snack before you go out. It will be easier to control yourself if you do! 
  • When you order, watch out for high-points value items (cream sauces, buttery toppings, etc.) – order dressings and sauces on the side so you can control the quantities. 
  • Portion control! When you get your plate ask for a to-go container right away, and cut your portions in half and place half in the to-go container.  
  • If you know you want to splurge on that meal, then go ahead – that’s what our extra weekly points plus are for! Don’t deprive yourself, but do eat slowly and savor it.  
  • Make sure you give your body time to tell your brain when it’s satisfied. Stop eating when you’re satisfied even if you think you want more just because it tastes good and is in front of you.

Please join us on May 18 for an informational meeting about the next Weight Watchers at Work session. If you are interested, contact Bernice Lisk (blisk@wpi.edu), ext. 6006.

*NOTE: Lifetime Membership status is achieved when you have maintained your goal weight for at least six weeks, and as a result you no longer have to pay Weight Watchers membership dues.

Karen Goudey is associate director of international admissions at WPI.

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