Class of 2014 Charles O. Thompson ‘Outstanding Member’ Announced

May 26, 2011


WPI has recognized 184 first-year students for excellence in their academic work with the Charles O. Thompson Scholar designation. These students are eligible to compete for an “Outstanding Member” scholarship by submitting an essay that completes the picture of their contributions to the WPI community. Out of the 184 qualified students, a review committee received 50 wonderful essays this year.

The review committee is pleased to announce that Jose Luis Ortiz Rosero has been designated as the Outstanding Member of the Class of 2014. He is from Quito, Ecuador, and is majoring in Industrial Engineering.  In his first year, in addition to an outstanding academic record, he has made significant contributions to the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the International Student Council, and WPI’s Newman Club.  He has been a Student Ambassador, trained to join the Student Support Network, and worked in the student calling center.

Committee members are also pleased to recognize three more first-year students with honorable mention distinction: Taymon Beal, Joon-Ho Lee, and Sylvia Parol.  All have excelled in coursework and made significant contributions to WPI and the broader community.

Please join me in congratulating these students as well as all of the Charles O. Thompson scholars in the class of 2014.

Professor Kris Wobbe is WPI’s associate dean for the First Year.

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