WPI Community Makes Splash on FOX 25 TV

June 30, 2012

A contingent from WPI greeted the Fox 25 TV morning news team at Elm Park on Friday morning. Shown in the back row are WPI Assistant Professor Alex Wyglinski and student Elizabeth Dufresne; in the front row are graduate student Tanek Zhang and undergraduates Paige Westlake and Tracy Sinkewicz (right).

A lively group of WPI students and faculty members turned out at Elm Park in Worcester Friday, June 29, to greet the Fox 25 TV morning news team that was hosting its newscast live from the grounds.

Led by WPI pennant-waving assistant professor Alex Wyglinski, who teaches in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, the WPI contingent showed its spirit and personality amid intermittent rain. Joining Wyglinski were students from the class of ’14, including Elizabeth Dufresne, an aerospace engineering major; Paige Westlake, who is studying management engineering; and Tracy Sinkewicz, a bio-biotech major.

The Fox crew makes “Zip Trips” to a different New England community every Friday to showcase that community’s offerings. The WPI crowd, clad in WPI hats, windbreakers and T-shirts, appeared on the TV segment several times throughout the morning.

“I’m here to represent all that WPI has to offer,” said Westlake. “For me that means showing our spirit, Greek life and overall support of the city.”

The young women were particularly keen on pointing out that WPI is known for more than just being an engineering hub. “I want people to know that we’re enthusiastic about coming to school here in Worcester and that WPI isn’t just about engineering,” said Sinkewicz.

Dufresne had another message to share as well. “I want to prove that there are a lot of girls at WPI,’’ she said.

Without missing a beat, Tanek Zhang, a graduate student in WPI’s ECE department, said “And cute girls, too.”

As a show of goodwill, WPI presented Fox 25 commentator Doug “VB” Goudie with a WPI polo shirt and other souvenirs.

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