Reuse Opportunities for Bauxite Residue

Courtesy Walker Technologies & Natl. Tech. Univ. of Athens.

This investigation is a joint effort between the Colorado School of Mines and KU Leuven to convert the bauxite residue into viable commercial products. Recent estimates show that red mud generation globally is at approx. 120 mT annually. This project will look at ways to recover metals and materials from this waste. Red mud in different parts of the world are either hematite rich or titania rich containing alumina in the range of 15-25%.

Project objectives

  • Explore options and deliver proof-of-concept
  • Evaluate technical feasibility
  • Evaluate commercial potential
  • Recover metals and materials

Specifically, the project has major goals to compare the applicability of one of the three paths:

  1. construction aggregate
  2. metal(s) + building material
  3. metal(s) + oxides + building material

*Photos courtesy Walker Technologies & Natl. Tech. Univ. of Athens.