Core Faculty

Daniel J. Dougherty (CS): Logic in computer science, with applications to security policies and cryptographic protocols, and databases

Kathi Fisler (CS): Software security, verification and analysis of security policies, usable security, security education

Thomas Eisenbarth (ECE): Embedded system security, implementation of cryptographic algorithms

Joshua Guttman (CS): Information security, cryptographic protocol analysis, theoretical computer science, logic, formal methods, programming languages

Lifeng Lai (ECE): Wireless network security

Susan Landau (Social Science and Policy Studies): Privacy and cybersecurity public policy

William Martin (Math): Application of combinatorial and coding-theoretic tools to cryptography, deterministic surrogates for random samples, homomorphic encryption

Craig Shue (CS): Internet-scale measurements to help secure networks, security, cloud computing, distributed systems, user-centered security

Berk Sunar (ECE): Cryptography, network security, tamper-resistent cryptographic hardware, high-performance computing

Krishna Venkatasubramanian (CS): Cyber-physical systems and security, trust and reputation management

Craig Wills (CS): Privacy on the web, distributed systems, networks

Affiliated Faculty

Donald (Rick) Brown (ECE): Communications systems and networking, signal processing

Xinming Huang (ECE): Reconfigurable computing, SoC/VLSI design for error control coding, wireless communications, signal processing

Alexander Smith (Social Science): Behavioral economics, experimental economics, public economics

Alexander Wyglinski (ECE): Wireless communications, cognitive radio, software-defined radio, communication systems prototyping & experimentation

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