Adventure into the Depths of the Gordon Library: The Archives


Thu, Sep 6, 2012

In and Around the Library

WPI Archives and Special CollectionsLibrary resources are here to use, come ask for them and we can lend them out to you so you can listen to music while you study, do some easy calculations, organize your thoughts on a white board, or staple that paper together which you procrastinated on and stayed in the library from 8 am-1am to finish.

You know what’s down on the ground floor in the library (you know, other than the chemical engineers doing homework)? The Archives and Special Collections! You may ask why should I care about it. Well there are several reasons.

  1. The archives are really cool. Did you know we have a Dickens collection? There are more than 150 volumes of Charles Dickens’ writing including rare first editions, more than 35 manuscripts and autographed letters, Dickens related periodicals like the Dickensian, art objects including books with illustrations from his works and more. Right now you can see an amazing, colorful exhibit on Dickens too.
  2. Do you like your WPI tech bible? Do you want to see really old ones from earlier years at the school? Well in the archives you can. There are Tech Bibles from many early years, as well as more recent ones. You can see how some of the traditions changed.
  3. Like looking at pictures? Archives has tons. Want to look at pictures from the class of 1920? What about pictures of campus? Archives has all of these and more, all you have to do is ask to see them.
  4. There are yearbooks, The Towers, and other WPI publications that have history of the school. Did you know that the Aprils Fool’s Edition of the school newspaper has been going on for years? You can look at some of the older editions of the paper in the Archives.

Visit the Archives and Special Collections to learn about the university, research students who attended, see some of the early editions of Dicken’s works, or just see some cool stuff that WPI’s Archives has collected over the years such as cardboard stand-ups from Age of Empires and Age of Mythology from our Iron Lore Collection, letters from Gompei Kuwada, and Theo Brown Diaries (Theo Brown, WPI Class of 1901 was a noted John Deere Engineer). Learn more ….

The Archives hours are:

Tuesday – Friday: 10 am – 4 pm & other times by appointment.

Feel free to stop by!

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