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Thu, Oct 4, 2012

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Have you ever attended a presentation where the presenters included a graphic that was placed out of context or without any date or idea where the information came from? This can be frustrating for the audience. So if you borrow images, tables or graphics from websites, articles or reports or documents, be sure to cite the source.

For example, note how within this United Nations report the authors gave an indication of author and date of information. The reader/viewer can easily find the reference within the bibliography. It’s ok to use abbreviations within your PowerPoint presentation and to include more a slide with more detailed bibliographic data at the end.

Full details on the source can be found within the bibliography and in this case, the GEO Data Portal is where the data was retrieved, but further detail on the original source (IEA 2007) is also useful for those who wish to follow up on this information in the future.

If including images, graphics, charts within a final IQP or MQP report which will be posted online, one needs to determine if copyright permission needs to be requested.  See Copyright and Your WPI Project – research guide for more details or consult with a librarian.



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