When 4×4=8, An Exhibition of Visual Art and Poetry


Mon, Mar 18, 2013

In and Around the Library

March 22-April 26 2103 at Gordon Library’s Class of ’41 Gallery

 4×4 is a Worcester area collaborative of four poets and four artists who, for the last three years, have discovered new ideas and creative energy in each others’ work, visions and voices. Group members include visual artists Lisa Barthelson, Carrie Crane, Dorothy Magadieu and Susan Sedgwick and poets Clair Degutis, Dan Lewis, Susan Roney O’Brien, and Patricia Youngblood.

4×4’s third annual exhibition and reading opens Friday March 22 at 5:30 PM, with an artists’ and poets’ talk on Tuesday, April 9 @ 4 PM.  The collaborative’s 2012 exhibition and related events were held at Worcester’s Sprinkler Factory

4×4 grew out of a 2010 lunchtime conversation between Roney-O’Brien and Sedgwick, friends and fans of each other’s work. By the end of lunch, they had decided to invite other artists and writers to share their projects and, perhaps, spark new creative possibilities. What grew from the original sources often took on its own life … and still does.

Sometimes the connections are clear; other times entirely unexpected visions emerge, or  new voices heard.  But it is always 4X4, affirming images and words that inform their work, connect each to the other, and provide a common language of respect, care, and outright astonishment.


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