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Mon, Jun 17, 2013

In and Around the Library

It’s a summer “road trip” for much of Gordon Library’s books and collections! Thanks to efforts by students, staff, campus partners, movers, and contractors throughout the building, we’re refreshing, reorganizing, and expanding study and storage spaces. Gifts to the Library from alumni and supporters combined with WPI operational funds are supporting these efforts to improve Gordon Library for the future.

The book stacks and study spaces on the third floor are being consolidated, expanded, and refreshed with new carpeting. Best sellers, audio, and video collections are all being relocated to make room for a flexible instruction and group study space just past “The Projector.” The stacks are also being relocated into a denser book block to keep them all accessible while taking up less space.

More than 1000 linear feet of archival and special collections – about one-quarter to one-third of all the papers, books photographs, records, and objects the WPI Archives and Special Collections holds – shifted  to temporary storage locations within the Library and Founders Hall in May in preparation for another major Library construction project.

Later this month, compact shelving will be installed to increase the storage capacity by an additional 1000  linear feet. This will help ensure  WPI Archives and Special Collections will have appropriate space to store WPI’s ever-growing past in an environment capable of protecting it for the future.

As part of the archival shifting, more than 900 WPI Football films from the 1930s through the 1980s were prepped for off-site cold storage to attempt slow down already in-progress deterioration while the Library  explores possible preservation and digitization strategies.

Hundreds of  the Library’s special collections volumes have also shifted to collections storage. This move opens up additional space for researchers to work with WPI’s collections and historical materials in the Fellman Reading Room ahead of WPI’s Sesquicentennial in 2015.

Digital versions of historical publications and media are also moving! They’re heading online – and more readily into the hands of WPIers – ahead of the 150th celebrations.

It’s already been a busy summer here at Gordon Library! We don’t (yet) have a frog or a bear in the mix, but you *might* just catch us humming along to this little ditty as we move along…

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