Finding Resources During the Government Shutdown


As a result of the Federal Government shutdown a few resources commonly used by the WPI community may not be available or actively updated. We hope this list will prove helpful. And remember, the library is still open for business and is happy to help you with your research needs!

Still Active:

THOMAS (Library of Congress)

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Not Being Updated:

Pub Med

Food and Drug Administration


ERIC (available via EBSCO)

Library of Congress (use the Library’s catalog)




U.S. Department of Agriculture

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2 Responses to “Finding Resources During the Government Shutdown”

  1. Bill Baller (HUA) Says:

    Welcome to WPI. A few years ago I was correponding on project stuff with Jim Ludes, who then worked with Senator John Kerry. Is there a way of determining whether Mr. Ludes still works with the US Govt? Perhaps he followed Kerry to the State Department? Thanks. Bill Baller

  2. thohenstein Says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your welcome. I did a quick search in LinkedIn and found a Jim Ludes who worked for John Kerry, see and for more information.

    Hope this helps,