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Finding journal titles can be tricky, especially given that the Gordon Library has access to over 68,000 of them. This post quickly highlights the simplest way to locate journal titles available through the Gordon Library.

To start navigate to the Library’s homepage, click on “Journals,” and type the name of the journal you are interested in. For this example, we are using the Harvard Business Review. When you are ready, click search.


Our search returns two results, the Harvard Business Law Review and the Harvard Business Review. Additionally, the results show us the different ways we can access each journal as well as its “coverage.” I would recommend using Business Source Premier, which has the Harvard Business Review from 1922 to the present, for this example. Simply follow the link to Business Source Premier to access the content.


A few important notes:

  • the journal title search is not very forgiving of spelling errors, so please type carefully
  • it is also best to avoid abbreviations or using the short form of a journal title (again spelling)
  • the search algorithm is similar to control-f / find search in Microsoft Office or a modern browser. As such it is best to only use words that you know are in the title. For example, the search “harvard business tiger” produces zero results while “harvard business” has three
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