What’s Up This Weekend?


Tue, Aug 6, 2013

NSO 2013

Everyone knows that WPI has an intensive course load.  However, many of the students here take it a bit easier on the weekends, subscribing to a “work hard, play hard” mentality.  Here’s a quick breakdown of a few popular weekend activities.

First and foremost, many extracurricular clubs have events on the weekends.  Attendance at WPI’s major sporting events is usually decent, particularly basketball, football, and soccer.  Going down to these games with your friends is free, convenient, and fun.  If watching sports isn’t your style, there are hundreds of clubs to check out and potentially join.  From gamers and geeks to skaters and Greeks, there are clubs catering to every style.  I highly recommend finding one or several that you love.

There are also a ton of special events on weekends.  Most weekends, a Social Committee film plays in a lecture hall in Fuller Labs, and it’s typically a movie that came out within the last few months.  The big movie on the quad is always a good time, as well.  Keep an eye out for advertisements around campus.  Other events and excursions at deep discounts also happen on occasion.  For example, I went to Six Flags my sophomore year for $5, transportation included.

Popular culture dictates that partying is an integral part of college, so I’ll dip into that topic briefly and in the most clinical way I can.  WPI has a big social scene for a moderately small technical school.  There are parties nearby to campus, and many of them have alcohol readily available.  However, from my experience, students here do a great job of separating their weekend excursions from their schoolwork.  Please educate yourself about how to stay safe in this environment before you get into it.  On the other hand, parties can be a great time if you take the proper steps to ensure your safety.

Aside from the events I listed above, you can continue to do things you’ve probably been doing for years.  Head out to a local restaurant on Boynton Street, watch a movie in the residence hall with some close friends, play some Mario Kart, or just sit around and talk.

Hopefully these suggestions get you excited for weekends at WPI.  If you find that you’re not in the mood for anything I listed above, find your own niche!

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