Chartwells is Always Cooking Up Delicious Menus at WPI


Wed, Aug 10, 2011

Back to School 2011

Welcome to WPI family! Now it’s time to prepare your student for the adventure of college life including WPI’s dining options. Having nourished the campus for years, Chartwells provides your student with great food, balanced menus, customized options, and fun and mind-stimulating programs.

Our Commuter Meal Plan enables your student to dine on campus in various locations from early morning until midnight with conveniences such as on-line ordering and grab-and-go options. For most freshmen, the college environment can be fast-paced. With academics, projects, a social life and a working schedule, your student’s time is precious. A meal plan not only saves your student time, but also helps them form good eating habits and a healthy life-style at the start of his college career.

A commuter meal plan can also enhance your student’s college experience. WPI students who participate in the meal plan will be able to hang out with friends and meet new people, enjoy incredible theme dinners and programs, test their pumpkin carving skills, delight in our traditional New Year’s Chocolate Fountain, and enjoy an old fashioned New England Lobster Festival. With our 190 meal plan, your student can listen to live bands, watch sports and join trivia night with friends at The Goat’s Head Restaurant. Let your student experience the WPI dining culture, and never get lost in any conversation about food.

Chartwells also welcomes Patty Pignata, Manager of The Goat’s Head Restaurant and Outtakes Variety Store here on campus. Patty hopes to bring new and exciting ideas to both locations including daily specials and a larger variety of grab-n-go selections at Outtakes. When you’re visiting your WPI student, picking up or dropping off, remember The Goat’s Head and Outtakes provides a relaxing spot to have a bite to eat. To kick off the 2011-12 year we are introducing a pizza delivery menu with 2 liter soda and chicken tenders. We look forward to providing your student with a friendly place to have dinner with friends.

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