Real-World Projects at WPI


Mon, Sep 12, 2011

2011 A-Term, 2011-12

Information sessions and application deadlines for projects in the 2012-13 academic year are fast approaching.

  • Humanities and Arts Project, the sophomore year project, applications are due October 6 with site information sessions scheduled for October 4 – 24.
  • Interactive Qualifying Project, the junior year project,  applications are due September 29 with site information sessions scheduled for October 4 – 13 and October 25 – 28.
  • Major Qualifying Project, the senior capstone project, applications are due November 3 with site information sessions scheduled for October 25 – 28.

WPI’s groundbreaking approach to education combines theoretical study with hands-on project requirements. This project-based approach gives WPI students the opportunity to gain professional skills, a talent for teamwork, and the confidence to dive right in, no matter the challenge. It’s these skills—real-world experience and the ability to work collaboratively—that set WPI graduates apart from their peers. The opportunity to complete project work off campus is an integral part of our academic program that prepares students to put the knowledge they learn in the classroom to work by developing solutions to pressing real-life needs affecting communities around the globe.

WPI’s Global Projects Program (GPP) is unlike any college or university study-abroad experience. Through the GPP, our students experience the challenge of solving real-world problems while immersing themselves in a new culture at one of 26 project centers located throughout the globe. On a personal level, the experience often proves to be life changing. On a professional level, it prepares students for today’s increasingly global and competitive workplace. It’s invaluable experience for landing a first job, and excellent preparation for graduate school.

For more information, contact the Projects Program.

2 Responses to “Real-World Projects at WPI”

  1. Susan Howard Says:

    I am aware of the IQP and the MQP, please elaborate on the Humanities and Art Project. Thank you.

  2. Greg Snoddy Says:

    Susan — Additional information on the Humanities and Arts Project may be found at this location. as well as at this URL: