Aquatic Center

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Health Code and WPI designed these guidelines and regulations for your safety, health and comfort as mandated.  Those who do not adhere to the guideline below, or who fail to cooperate with the lifeguard staff, may be asked to leave and may be denied future access into the Aquatic Center. WPI codes of conduct are enforced at the Sports & Recreation Center at all times.  The use of WPI facilities is a privilege and participants are expected to be good citizens and respect the rights of others.  Individuals who engage in unacceptable or irresponsible behavior may have their access to facilities revoked or modified indefinitely.


  1. Swimmers must take a full body cleansing shower using soap before entering the pool.
  2. Swimmers with hair shoulder length or longer must wear a swim cap. 
  3. A lifeguard must be on duty in the chair before anyone may enter in water.
  4. Please walk on the pool deck.  No running.
  5. Any person with skin disease, open sores, bandaged wounds, boils, inflamed eyes, discharging nasal or ear passages, or any communicable diseases is prohibited from using the pool.  If you have a bandage over a minor cut, dispose of it before entering the pool area.
  6. No glass on the pool deck, seating area or locker rooms.  Only water in enclosed, unbreakable containers is allowed on the pool deck.
  7. No food or chewing gum allowed in the pool or on the pool deck.
  8. Street shoes are prohibited on the pool deck.
  9. Regular swimsuits are required attire for all swimmers.  No t-shirts, cut-offs, or under garments allowed.
  10. Spitting and otherwise contaminating the pool, pool floors, walkways, aisles or dressing rooms is prohibited.
  11. Diving is prohibited in the pool
  12. All diving board use is prohibited.
  13. No walking across bulkhead or swimming under bulkhead.
  14. Please do not leave bags, street shoes or clothes on the pool deck or benches.  Use the day lockers.
  15. The maximum number of swimmers in each lane is six.  Please be aware of how many people are already in the lane that you are selecting.
  16. Lanes with more than 2 swimmers must circle swim.  This means that you should always be on the right half of the lane.  Slower swimmers should stop at the wall and allow faster swimmers to pass.
  17. Please select the appropriate lane for your ability.  Aqua jogging is allowed and should be coordinated for the appropriate lane with the lifeguard.
  18. Do not swim in a lane or area that is marked off for a class or swim team.  Only swim in designed lap lanes.  If you are unsure of open lanes, please ask the lifeguard.
  19. Kickboards and pull-buoys are available for lap swimmers.  Please return them to the storage bin after use.
  20. When the lifeguard signals the end of a recreational or lap swim, please leave the pool area promptly.
  21. Language and behavior should be appropriate for a family setting.
  22. The use of oils and body lotions is prohibited.
  23. Dependents must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult in swim attire who is present on the pool deck or in the pool with the dependent.  The lifeguard may ask a child to leave lap swim if he or she is unable to continuously swim laps or interrupts others.  Non-swimming children are allowed in designated areas only and under the direct supervision of their parent.  A parent is not allowed to be in the water with their children on deck.
  24. Strollers are not allowed on the pool deck.  During open recreation hours, an adult must directly supervise infants and children not swimming at all times.
  25. The volleyball net or basketball hoop may be set up during open recreation hours in the designated areas with the permission of the lifeguard.  Participants must be courteous of others while playing and may be asked to stop by the lifeguard at any time.  No dunking or horseplay.
  26. No diapers allowed in the pool.  Children that are not toilet trained must wear an approved swim diapers.
  27. No swim aids such as “water wings”, Styrofoam bubbles, or floats sewn into swimsuits are allowed.  Only Coast Guard approved life jackets allowed.  A life jacket does not substitute for direct supervision of non-swimmer.
  28. If a lifeguard feels your swimming level is not adequate for the pool, you may be asked to leave or use only the shallow end.
  29. Private lessons may not be given by non-WPI Aquatics staff at any time.
  30. The use of cell phones is prohibited.
  31. The tub by the diving boards is off-limits to members; only diving team members during practice times may utilize this tub.
  32. The Starting Blocks may only be used under the direct supervision of a qualified coach in a practice setting.  The starting blocks are not to be used as tables or chairs.  Please keep them clear of objects.