WPI codes of conduct are enforced at the Sports & Recreation Center at all times.  The use of WPI facilities is a privilege and participants are expected to be good citizens and respect the rights of others.  Individuals who engage in unacceptable or irresponsible behavior may have their access to facilities revoked or modified indefinitely.


  1. Since all games are self-monitored, good sportsmanship and proper conduct are expected at all times.
  2. Black-soled shoes and other marking shoes are prohibited on the playing floor.  Sports & Recreation Center staff reserves the right to make decisions at their discretion.
  3. When the gymnasium is crowded, courts may be broken down into half-court games to accommodate more people.  Sports & Recreation Center Staff reserves the right to modify games based on participant needs.
  4. Some scheduled activities in the gymnasium may take priority over open recreation.  Any changes in the schedule will be posted on the PERA website.
  5. Grabbing or hanging on the nets or rim is prohibited.
  6. Baseball, softball, lacrosse, frisbee and other activities deemed unsafe in the gymnasium environment are prohibited unless scheduled in advance.
  7. Soccer, volleyball, and badminton are only permitted in specified places at designated times.
  8. Appropriate exercise attire such as t-shirts; soft-soled, non-marking closed toe athletic shoes; and athletic pants/shorts is required at all times.  Sandals, bare feet, jog bras, steel-toed boots and jeans are not permitted.
  9. Personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubby where they are available.
  10. Water must be in enclosed, unbreakable container.  Food, chewing gum and drinks are prohibited.
  11. The use of cell phones is prohibited.