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What They Were Thinking, Part 2

Rebecca and Rich

Rebecca is studying Construction Management at NYU-Poly; Rich is one of the many carpenters who volunteered his time from Carpenters Local 107 in Worcester, Mass.

Rebecca — We’re flexing. We were both wearing bandanas, just like Rosie the Riveter. We were just goofing around after lunch.

Rich — That was a very hot, long day. We were in the blazing sun, putting up sunscreens. Rebecca and I represent the “muscle mill.” 



Thomas is finishing his graduate work in Civil Engineering at Ghent University.

We were in the container for a long time. Demetrio and I were there for an hour and a half. We drank eight bottles of water. Every time we  had a chance, we went to the door to get a breeze.



Tomi is a PhD student at WPI studying Construction Management.

From the harness, it seems that I was taking a break from being up in the roof all day and was having some fun with a picture I had taken on my cell phone, trying to alter it. Or maybe I was hallucinating about a couple of eggs Benedict and a nice steak…



Yunqui is a double-major in Chemistry and Professional Writing at WPI.

I was tired. This was after lunch. I knew I worked hard and I’m proud of myself. I was thinking this is probably my first and last time building a house as a chemistry major, and it’s a great experience for anyone, even if they don’t anything about construction. 



Courtnae majors in Architectural Engineering at WPI.

That was a heavy-lifting day with a lot of waiting, and some of us didn’t have the muscle power needed. They finally gave us a task—tightening bolts. I was thinking, “Yes, let’s go do it!”



Javed studied Civil Engineering at NYU-Poly.

I was holding the truss. It was extremely hot in the container. The truss looks great, so I guess it’s worth it.



Tim is a graduate student in Civil Engineering at Ghent University.

These two pieces were coming together and there is a bolt inside. It was stuck in there. It was a matter of millimeters on a piece that was more than 5 meters. I needed to be very precise and tell people where to move and tilt these pieces.



Photo Credit: Noureddine El-Warari (all)



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    Pinar Oumus August 2, 2013 3:36 pm #

    Go Team BEMANY! Great job finishing the house!

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    Nonkel Erwin August 8, 2013 10:57 am #

    Looks hard work there, succes !!

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