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Affordable Comfort Powered by the Sun

The Solatrium, while emulating traditional atrium houses from China to Rome to Morocco, incorporates current discoveries and techniques to modulate heat gain and loss in the central section. Our structure’s daylighting approach controls glare and light variation through both modern materials and the interior floor plan.

What’s Daylighting All About?

The term refers to the effects of atriums, skylights, and other architectural features to bring sunlight into play for passive heating and lighting. Often seen in corporate buildings, modern central atriums feature glazing and other finishes to maintain comfortable temperature and light levels. Interior walls are placed and finished to create an abundance of indirect lighting for best vision and comfort, with brighter areas to vary the levels—keeping human occupants happy and performance high.

Come Home to Sustainability

Solatrium residents live securely in a dwelling whose easy operation and upkeep is sustainable—it’s engineered to last, to function economically and efficiently in its environment, and to procure its own renewable energy from rooftop solar panels.