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Wed, Feb 6, 2013


Call for applications – Year II 

The STEM Education Center at WPI invites districts to apply to participate in its innovative STEM Integration Program, supporting districts in the process of developing a holistic STEM integration vision for their districts. A cohort of 3-5 districts will be selected among applicants to participate in a yearlong program.  The cost of the program is $3880 per district.

The Goal

Massachusetts’ Plan for Excellence in STEM Education aims to enhance students’ interest and proficiency in STEM subjects, increase graduation rates, and support teachers as they become more effective STEM educators.

In alignment with this plan, the STEM Education Center at WPI has developed a program to support districts as they move forward in the planning process toward achieving these goals.

The program, titled STEM Integration for District Leaders, provides structured guidance to district teams through the process of developing a district-wide plan for STEM integration aiming to improve STEM learning outcomes for all students in their district.

Program Overview

  • A yearlong program, consisting of a summer opening institute, academic year meetings, and culminating in a presentation of the developed plans.
  • The program guides teams of district leaders in developing STEM goals, analyzing STEM needs, and identify funding opportunities.   
  • The program is tailored to the specific needs of each participating district.
  • District teams collaborate with other teams on subjects of policy, practice, evaluation, equity, and funding issues related to STEM integration.
  • Interweaving theory and practice. Following every meeting, each team will get an assignment to conduct with the district staff before the next meeting.  
  • District teams review a variety of successful STEM integration models and adapt the ones that best fit their needs.
  • Participants are guided by WPI staff with mentorship from other education leaders who have successfully integrated STEM in their district.


Who Should Apply?

Districts that are in the first steps of integrating STEM and would like to have a structured guidance during the planning phase.


Objectives and Expectations

Upon completion of the program, participating districts would have:

  • A greater understanding of the status of STEM at national, state and local levels
  • Defined STEM goals and students’ outcomes for their district
  • Mapped all the current STEM programs in their district
  • Mapped all STEM advocates and collaborators in their community (including parents, industry, local business, afterschool programs)
  • Analyzed the STEM needs and expectations of different constituents in their districts (students, teachers, families, community)
  • Developed a logic model that maps out the investments, outputs, and outcomes (short term to long term) for STEM education in their district
  • Determined a budget and priority for STEM programs implementation
  • Researched funding opportunities
  • Completed a strategic plan for STEM integration

In order to achieve these objectives, WPI STEM Education Center will provide:

  • Knowledgeable professionals to lead the program
  • Research-based professional development program, designed after effective PD models
  • Space for all on-site meetings
  • Support in between sessions (online support and monthly district visits)
  • Online method for collaboration
  • Opportunity to collaborate with WPI faculty on future projects

Participating districts are expected to:

  • Commit to yearlong participation
  • Participate in the meetings and complete assignments following each meeting
  • Work collaboratively within each team, making sure all participants contribute equally
  • Ask for additional support if needed
  • Present their work at the end of the program
  • Be willing to mentor future participating districts of the program


 Application process

Interested districts should email Mia Dubosarsky, at and ask for the application form. The deadline for submitting has been extended to April 12, 2013 based on inquiries from local districts.

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