June 11, 2016 10AM - 4PM
at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Festival Programming

2015 information below. 2016 information will be posted as soon as it’s available… Stay tuned!


10:30 AM
WGBH presents “Quack” from Peep and the Big Wide World

11:00 AM
TouchTomorrow Kickoff

11:45 AM
EcoTarium presents Birds of Prey

12:15 PM
Mass Academy’s Traveling Science Show

1:00 PM
WGBH presents “Quack” from Peep and the Big Wide World (repeat performance, in case you missed it)

1:30 PM
EcoTarium presents Birds of Prey (repeat performance, in case you missed it)

2:15 PM
CyPhy Works demonstrates technology used in aerial robots, or “drones”



10:30 AM
Michael Paul, a Worcester native and a space exploration engineer with experience on several deep space robotic missions, talks about recent robotic planetary exploration missions with an emphasis on NASA’s MESSENGER Mission to Mercury.

11:30 AM
Astronaut Cady Coleman has logged more than 4,330 hours in space aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia and the International Space Station. As the lead astronaut for long-term habitability issues, she led the effort to label the Russian segments of the International Space Station in English and also tracked such issues as acoustics and living accommodations aboard the station.

12:30 PM
Mad Science presents a spectacular show that will thrill audiences of all ages with impressive science experiments. This interactive show challenges the audience to explore the scientific method as they observe, hypothesize, and experiment. It’s not magic, it’s SCIENCE!

2:00 PM
Recipient of the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, Astronaut Steve Swanson is an accomplished engineer who has completed four spacewalks totaling 26 hours, 22 minutes and accumulated 195 days, 15 hours, 41 minutes in space.