60-40-10 Cast Aluminum Alloys (ACRC Funded)


The project has three tasks; details given below:

  1. Characterize the properties of Al-Fe, Al-Ni, and Al-Fe-Ni eutectic systems
  2. Investigate the strengthening mechanisms of Al-Mg-Zn Alloys
  3. Design and engineer a eutectic system with strengthening elements.

Task 1: Characterize the properties of new eutectic systems

Subtask 1.1         Characterize the tensile properties of Al-Fe, Al-Ni, Al-Fe-Ni eutectic systems

Subtask 1.2         Characterize the castability of Al-Fe, Al-Ni, Al-Fe-Ni eutectic systems including fluidity and hot tearing

Task 2: Investigate the Strengthening of Al-Mg-Zn Alloys

Subtask 2.1    Investigate optimum casting parameters of Al-10Mg-xZn (x is between 1 wt.% and 3 wt.%) alloys, including melting temperature, pouring temperature, et al.

Subtask 2.2   Investigate the optimum composition and heat treatment schedules of Al-10Mg-xZn alloys to get the yield strength of more than 30Ksi, UTS of more than 50Ksi and elongation of more than 10%.

Subtask 2.3   Investigate the precipitation mechanisms of Al-10Mg-xZn.

Task 3: Combine the Eutectic system with Strengthening Elements

Subtask 3.1    Study the interaction between Al-Mg-Zn with eutectic systems, and decide the compositions of the alloy.

Subtask 3.2   Make the finial tests of alloys to achieve the goals including castability and tensile properties (40 Ksi yield strength – (276MPa), 60Ksi UTS (414), and 10% elongation).