Month: December 2011

Rethinking composition: Bring on the audio!

As we head off to the holiday break many of us are thinking about how courses will run in the Spring semester.  For some it is logistical question, but for others it may be larger questions of course delivery and project design.  I was reminded recently of an interesting article in EDUCAUSE Quarterly on rethinking…Continue Reading Rethinking composition: Bring on the audio!

LMS Unconference

WPI is pleased to be participating in NERCOMP’s LMS unSIG Unconference this March! Whether your campus has adopted an out-of-the-box learning management system (LMS), an open source solution or has developed a home-grown course management system (CMS), challenges surrounding management, deployment, assessment, upgrades, training, support, security and integration with campus resources are universal. The LMS…Continue Reading LMS Unconference