Attention all Blackboard Social Users – New EULA

Filed in Miscellaneous by on December 13, 2013

Do you use the Blackboard Social tools?  Are you used to seeing a small image of your choosing in the upper right hand corner of your screen?  If so, you may have noticed that this image was gone as of this morning.  What the heck happened?

Blackboard has issues an update to their End User License Agreement (EULA).  In order to restore your image please follow the three simple steps below:

  1. Click on the Global Access Menu in the upper righthand corner of your screen.upperright
  2. Click on the small space where your image should be.clickpic
  3. Read the new EULA carefully, certify that you are indeed over 13, and click Agree.BbEULA

And that is it, your profile will be back up in running just like that!

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