Spotlight on Student Engagement: Blackboard’s Retention Center

Have you wanted a simple way to track student performance in your course and identify students at risk? Then Retention Center in myWPI might be a useful tool for you. The Retention Center can monitor in real-time if students are at academic risk in your course based on criteria you define.



There are 4 customizable rule types in Retention Center:

Course Activity: Alert is based on students’ overall activity within your course. Students who are below a defined level of activity trigger the alert.

Grade: Alert is based on a defined score for any grade or calculated column in the Grade Center. Students who score above or below the defined threshold for a specific grade item trigger an alert.

Course Access: Alert is based on the date users last accessed your course. Students who have not logged in for a defined number of days trigger an alert.

Missed Deadline: Alert is based on a defined due date for an assignment, test, or survey. Students who do not complete an assignment, test, or survey by the due date trigger an alert based on the option you choose.

Read more about these rules here:



How to Access the Retention Center:

Under Course Management, Control Panel, expand Evaluation and click on Retention Center. Retention center is automatically on by default.

To turn it off, go to Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability, scroll down to Retention Center and check the checkbox to the right of Retention Center, then click Submit.




Interested in learning more about the Retention Center?

Watch Blackboard’s video tutorial:

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