“Spring” Cleaning: Clean up your myWPI home screen

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It’s far from Spring, but in my 10 years experience in higher ed, there’s often not much time in the Spring for self-improvement.  I’ve found it’s helpful to take the short summer break to clean things up in preparation for the inevitably hectic Fall semester!  It’s important to create good feng shui in the main entry or foyer to foster positive energy in your home, so I thought I’d share a lesser known myWPI feature that helps you clean up your myWPI “foyer” otherwise known as the Home tab.


Personalization and Layout


The appearance and layout of this page can be customized to suit your personal interests through the Personalize Page and Arroworganization-arrows buttons located in the top right hand corner of the Home tab. This allows you to change the color scheme and move commonly used functions to a more prominent location on your Home page. Maybe you’re always scrolling down to the “Request myWPI Site Changes” module and you’d rather have it at the top of the page? Well, you can.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.12.12 PMYou can also add additional modules to this page by clicking on Add Module on the top left side of the header.  Choose from a variety of helpful modules broken down into interest groups (Faculty, Students, Services, Help, etc.) Note: All modules are listed here, so if you’ve removed one in the past you will be able to restore it to your home page.

This video from Blackboard’s Help pages shows the highlights of customizing your Home page (Blackboard refers to it as a “My Institution” page), but don’t worry– it’s the same thing.


Show/Hide My Courses and My Organizations

Do you have a large continually growing list of courses on your myWPI homepage?  On your Home tab, you have two modules that contain your course list and your organization list, aptly named “My Courses” and “My Organizations.”  You can personalize these areas as well!

First, if you have courses in your My Courses module that can be archived, let us do that for you!  Fill out our short Course Request form and we will happily archive any courses to which you no longer need access.

Ok, so now if you still want to retain access to those courses, but would like them displayed in a more succinct fashion, or just ‘put away’ temporarily (for example: A student needed extended access to a previous course past the term end date, or a new faculty member needed access to previous course materials) follow these steps:

  1. My Courses with Gear Icon screen shot

    Gear icon is in the top right. Click to make larger.

    Hover over the My Courses (or My Organizations) module header

  2. Click on the gear icon that appears in the top right of the header
  3. Personalize My Courses screen shot

    This appears on the “Personalize: My Courses” page. Click to make larger.

    Click on the check boxes of attributes for courses (or Select All to hide an entire course) you would like to show or hide. You can hide the following attributes: Course Name, Course ID, Instructors, Announcements and Tasks

  4. Click Submit when finished



These small changes can help organize, declutter and improve your myWPI “Home.”  Do you have any questions or need any help? Feel free to leave a comment below or e-mail myhelp@wpi.edu.


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