myWPI New Feature Spotlight for Instructors: Qwickly

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qwickly module

The Qwickly module is located on your “Home” tab in myWPI.

We’ve introduced a new tool to myWPI this summer called Qwickly. Qwickly is a tool that brings commonly used (and often buried) functions of myWPI to a simple to use module on your Home screen.

Qwickly has four main features: Course Availability, Post Announcement, Send Email, and Needs Grading.


qwickly module - course availability

Adjust all of your courses availability in one place!

Before Qwickly, you had to navigate levels down into each course you were teaching to make your course available to students. You also had to remember where that tool was hiding, do you? Now that tool is surfaced to your Home Page in Qwickly. Simply click on Course Availability, and use the toggle “On/Off” to quickly (see what I did there?) show or hide your course to students.

Qwickly module

Select courses to Post Announcements to in just a few easy steps.


The other Qwickly tools are just as simple to use. Click on Post Announcement and you will be presented with a list of all the courses you are teaching. Click the check boxes to select which courses you would like to post the announcement to and have the option to email it as well.

qwickly module - send email

Send email to multiple courses at once from Qwickly.



Need to send out a quick email to your classes? Maybe a reminder about Office Hours or an exam due date? Send Email is an identical interface to Post Announcement! (Note: If you need to send email to Groups or Individual students, you must use the traditional myWPI tool instead).

Qwickly - Needs grading

Alerts on the module let you know which courses have items ready for grading.



Lastly, items from Grade Center that need grading are presented front and center. An alert is shown telling you how many items are in need of grading, no clicks needed. Clicking on Needs Grading on shows you a breakdown of how many items have been turned in in each class you teach. Clicking on the link that pops up takes you directly to the Needs Grading page for the specified course in Grade Center.


TTL is hoping that Qwickly will be a great time saver for faculty and look forward to any feedback you have!

Do you know of any other helpful, time-saving tools or modules available to implement in Blackboard? Let us know about them by emailing or leaving a comment below!

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