Rearrange Courses in Blackboard’s Home Tab

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We often see a request for assistance in hiding courses from the Home tab in Blackboard. However, did you know that you can also rearrange the order in which your courses appear? Simply click the little gear icon in the My Courses module to be brought to the Personalize: My Courses page.


Then, hover over a course and drag the double arrow (will appear in the column all the way to the left) up or down to rearrange the order in which your courses are presented to you from the Home tab.


You can also hide courses that you won’t need for the time being from this same Personalize: My Courses page. Uncheck the appropriate boxes next to the courses you do not want to see. To get them back or to rearrange the order of your courses again in the future, simply repeat this process.

Happy organizing!

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