What’s going on with myWPI? How do I get on Canvas?

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We’ve been getting the question a lot lately of “well, how do I even get on Canvas?”  Here’s a “quick start” guide to getting on our new system.


myWPI will no longer be available after June 30, 2017.  Log in to Canvas at the following URL: https://canvas.wpi.edu, your empty course shells up until D17 will already be there for your use.  Check out our Canvas blog for more information https://www.wpi.edu/+canvas.

How to Get on Canvas

Want a new blank course site for A16, B16, F16, C17, D17, or S17-term? Great! It’s already there.

Log into Canvas at https://canvas.wpi.edu (bookmark this page!)

Click on Courses > All Courses to get started. If you don’t see all of your courses yet, the Registrar may not have received your enrollment records from your department.  Check the Registrar’s web site to see if you’ve been listed as the instructor on record. 

Pro tip: Click on Courses > All Courses, then click the “star” next to your current term’s courses to have them appear in your Dashboard right when you log in!


  1. What is happening with my old content?  The Blackboard server will be retired June 30, 2017.  Log in access will be unavailable after this date (even for us). We recommend that you Archive your Blackboard courses and save the .zip files to your shared or cloud drive for anything you’d like to keep for your records.  The ATC will archive Blackboard content from 2012 and newer in the meantime, but it will not be as accessible as it has been in the past. Don’t see all your old courses? Ask us to unarchive them for your review. Got content from before 2012? Please e-mail us for more information.


  1. How do I get current content onto Canvas? Do you want Blackboard content copied into your upcoming Canvas course?  Fill out this form.

Note: Keep in mind that content moved from one platform to another may not be as organized as you expect and many instructors have preferred to get a fresh start in Canvas.  

  1. I want to learn Canvas, what training are you offering?  We’ve already trained over 100 faculty members on how to use Canvas this year!  Check out our upcoming workshops for group trainings in for the upcoming term, or email myhelp@wpi.edu to schedule a 1-on-1 training that meets your needs.

Note: Click on the Help button when you log into https://canvas.wpi.edu to chat with, email, or call Canvas tech support 24/7.   Canvas also offers 24/7/365 support on their website and has a vast repository of help guides and videos!  


  1. Communication: Don’t forget to remind your students in your Syllabus or during class to find your new course site at https://canvas.wpi.edu


  1. I thought you said this was a quick start?  This is the last step!  Tell the ATC (if you haven’t yet) that you plan to use Canvas this term.  We’ll include your course in our communications to students and on the web site https://it.wpi.edu/canvas to help them find their course sites. Email us! myhelp@wpi.edu

Final note: We’ve been keeping a regular blog over at https://www.wpi.edu/+canvas for Canvas news and updates related to the transition. It also contains lots of help resources for our faculty and students.

And as always, our door is always open.  Visit the TTL office in Gordon Library 225 (to the right of the ITS Service Desk) and say hi.


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