Year: 2020

Reaching Viewers with Echo360

Greetings, WPI Producers! This post will cover how to get the videos you produce with Echo360 in front of your students. These videos can be produced in a classroom, at home with Echo360 Universal Capture or through the Echo360-Zoom integration. Three popular ways to share Echo360 videos with students are: Sharing in a Canvas page…Continue Reading Reaching Viewers with Echo360

Ad-hoc Capture in Echo360 Classrooms

Greetings, WPI Lecture Capturers! Have you ever been in a classroom and wanted to start and stop a lecture capture by yourself? This post provides directions on how to do just that! On the podium PC, locate the desktop shortcut to Echo360 Class Capture.     The desktop shortcut will take you to a URL…Continue Reading Ad-hoc Capture in Echo360 Classrooms

Submitting an Assignment with Canvas Studio

Greetings WPI Students, Your Professor may assign a video project as an assignment. Here are the steps that you take to submit it using Canvas Studio, a content management and creation tool embedded in Canvas. First, you click on the assignment and click submit. Once you click submit, you see some choices. Choose Studio.  …Continue Reading Submitting an Assignment with Canvas Studio

Zoom Recording Notifications

If you would prefer to receive email notification for when cloud recordings in Zoom are being processed, you can very easily follow these steps to turn notifications on for yourself. Log in via Click “Settings” in the left-hand menu. Locate “Email Notification” Click on the toggle button to the right of “When a cloud…Continue Reading Zoom Recording Notifications

Studio: How to Upload Video

Greetings WPI Video Producers: Canvas has a video content management system. It’s integrated into Canvas. It’s called Studio. Studio is also a content creation tool, but you can upload videos to Studio that weren’t created by it. This is nice because uploading videos to Studio (as opposed to the files area of your Canvas site)…Continue Reading Studio: How to Upload Video

Welcome back WPI faculty!

It’s been another busy summer here at the Academic Technology Center. We’ve been going non-stop this Spring and Summer to prepare for all possible unknowns, and make the Fall term go as smoothly as possible despite the unpredictability! We just had our annual New Faculty Orientation today, and although it was “virtual” it was great…Continue Reading Welcome back WPI faculty!

Summer 2020 Update

The Academic Technology Center has been hard at work throughout this Spring and Summer to anticipate the needs of the WPI community during these uncertain times. While we all had to pivot quickly for D-Term, we can now take the Summer to fully explore the tools, resources, and training available to help make the upcoming TechFlex term successful.  Recording Your Lectures  Echo360 FAQs  Each classroom at WPI is now equipped with Echo360 Lecture Capture thanks to…Continue Reading Summer 2020 Update