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Let’s say you’ve got a video on the Ensemble media server, and you’re looking to deploy it to your Canvas Course. There are a couple of easy ways to do this, and this post will show you 2 methods.

Adding an Ensemble Video to a module:

Start by adding an item to the desired course module by clicking the plus sign in the title bar of any existing module:

When prompted, select External Tool and choose Ensemble Video:

Choose a video from your library, click Save, and confirm with Add Item

Back in your module, don’t forget to publish the item!

That takes care of linking from modules, and there’s a second option, if you’d like to present video content in other areas of Canvas.

Adding an Ensemble Video to a Page, Assignment, or Discussion Board Post:

Editable text areas in Canvas can present embedded video alongside your text, links, and images.

Locate the button corresponding to Ensemble Media in the text editor:

Choose the video you want to embed:

From here, Ensemble asks: do you want to include this video in the page as an embedded player? Or just a link?

If you choose link, the embedded image launches a separate browser tab, from which the video plays. What’s the benefit? You get to see stats for which of your students have watched the video.

If you choose video player, students watch right inside the Canvas page, and you get to choose playback size plus many other options:

The embedded player does not send viewing analytics back to the Ensemble server, though, so you won’t have student-specific viewing data. If you absolutely need that level of information, use the Link method above.

If you have any questions about embedding your Ensemble video into a page or sharing it as a link in a module, please email

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