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Let’s say you’ve got a video on the Ensemble media server, and you’re looking to deploy it to your Canvas Course. There are a couple of easy ways to do this, and this post will show you 2 methods.

Adding an Ensemble Video to a module:

  • Start by adding an item to the desired course module by clicking the plus sign in the title bar of any existing module:


  • When prompted, select External Tool and choose Ensemble Video:


  • Choose a video from your library, click Save, and confirm with Add Item


  • Back in your module, don’t forget to publish the item!

That takes care of linking from modules, and there’s a second option, if you’d like to present video content in other areas of Canvas.

Adding an Ensemble Video to a Page, Assignment, or Discussion Board Post:

Editable text areas in Canvas can present embedded video alongside your text, links, and images.

  • Locate the “plugin” icon resembling a power plug on the far right of the text editing tools. Then select the option corresponding to Ensemble Video:
  • Choose the video you want to embed:


  • From here, Ensemble asks: do you want to include this video in the page as an embedded player? Or just a link?
    • If you choose link, the embedded image launches a separate browser tab, from which the video plays. What’s the benefit? You get to see stats for which of your students have watched the video.
    • If you choose video player, students watch right inside the Canvas page, and you get to choose playback size plus many other options:
    • The embedded player does not send viewing analytics back to the Ensemble server, though, so you won’t have student-specific viewing data. If you absolutely need that level of information, use the Link method above.

If you have any questions about embedding your Ensemble video into a page or sharing it as a link in a module, please email


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