Creating Permalinks in Ensemble

Greetings Educational Video Producers at WPI,

This post walks you through how to create a permalink for your video that lives in Ensemble, WPI’s on-site media server. Why do you want a permalink? So you can share the video.

First, login to Ensemble.

Here is the URL:

Login with the Single Sign On option, below the login form.


Once you’re in Ensemble, you land on your home library. You may have more than one library. The top bars help you navigate to the correct library. You can see that I’m a part of the overarching institution of WPI, the ATC department and within that I have my own library.

To create the link to your video, click on permalink below your video’s title.



This bring you to a form where you can create a name for this link. I decided on video-collection the customized part of the link I was creating. Once I click create, the custom url appears at the top line. You can copy this and paste it into an email or website.



If you paste it into a browser, the playback looks like this.


But in the course of creating the permalink, you have options you can select.

If you click “additional settings” in the form, you can choose to have the video downloadable, for example.



If you choose to allow people to download it, they can do so from the little downward pointing arrow on the right of the player frame. If you originally didn’t want people to download and then you change your mind or vice versa, you can make that change at any time by clicking on the permalink button and editing the form.


If you have any questions about creating a link to your video in Ensemble and sharing it, please let us know by emailing




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Sophie Jagannathan is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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