Storing All Those Zoom Recordings

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With the rise in recorded meetings, all of this new media has got to go somewhere, and everyone’s hard drives and course website storage are filling up with huge video files. Happily, we’ve got a solution: a media server designed for large file storage and streaming playback, and it integrates with Zoom.

When you’re in a Zoom meeting and choose to record, there are 2 possible options: “Cloud recording” and “Local Recording.” By default, everyone should have “local recording,” but anyone can request the cloud option from your friendly Academic Technology Center staff via our team email (atc-ttl is our team email alias).

Once that’s set up on your Zoom account, you can choose the cloud option for any recording that you want to have online .

If you're sharing your screen, the recording option is in the "more" menu.

If you’re sharing your camera, the recording option is usually at the bottom.


If you're sharing your screen, the recording option is in the "more" menu.

If you’re sharing your screen, the recording option is at the top.

After you end a meeting, your file will automatically travel to Zoom’s servers, where it will be processed for streaming. This process can sometimes take up to 1:1 time relative to your video—for a 1-hour recording, expect to see it on the media server after about an hour.

After the file has finished processing, our media server will see the completed file and automatically move it into your library, where you’ll be able to share it in a variety of ways. The redundant file on Zoom’s processing server will then be removed.

To access and share your video:

Within Canvas, there are 2 methods for quickly and easily adding your video to your course site. You can put the videos into modules or into content pages in just a few clicks, and both methods are described here:

Additionally, you can view your Ensemble media server library at any time from the Storage Options button on the Canvas navigation menu; from there you can manage and delete videos, manage playlists, and generate “perma-links” to send to anyone outside of Canvas.

Additional Details

Video missing? If your video does not appear within the expected time, please reach out to our team! If an outage of some kind gets in the way of a video being posted, our team can investigate and escalate to Zoom or Media Server support as needed to find the problem. The sooner, the better!

Email Notifications? You can opt in to email notifications if you’d like to see how your video is doing on the processing server. Bear in mind, the links generated by the notifications are temporary and will expire once the video is finished processing and moved. Click here to see how to change that setting.


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